In July 2020, Gampanion was found by four passionate gamers. They realized that a lot of gamers are being scammed in the trading of pilot and coaching services. Scammers are unstoppable as they could just open a new account and hunt for new prey.

Gampanion was first launched and start providing gaming companion and coaching services on the website (gampanion.com). As it gets more attention from gamers in Malaysia and the Philippines, the founders decided to develop a mobile application (coming soon in late 2021). We aimed to provide a platform where gamers could trade their coaching and/or companion services safely.

In Gampanion mobile app, you will be able to:

  • Chat with other Gampanions
  • Choose your favorite games among the top popular games
  • Browse the top games of a giving game
  • Access a whole new level of ascended gaming experience
  • Gain satisfaction from playing with a professional gamer
  • Stand a chances to win and rank up more frequently
  • Have entertaining teammates with attractive voices and personality

To know more about us, join the Discord group or follow our social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).